Stories From Our Work 

Our work is never easy, we work tirelessly to fundraise to support those that desperately need it.


Loss and love

We met this woman and her daughter in one of the camps.

All that remains of her family is her elderly mother and her 16 month old daughter. 

When we met her, she was crying silently on her own, reflecting on the life she left behind and her journey to Lesvos. 

She didn't speak English and we didn't speak Arabic, but we communicated through gestures and google translate. 

In Syria her daughter pictured, had managed to scald herself badly on her legs, as her mother rushed her to the hospital, her husband stayed at home to look after their 2 other children. 

As they were in the hospital a bomb was dropped on their house and her husband and 2 other children lost their lives. 

With the loss of her family and no home, she left Syria with her only remaining relative and made the perilous journey to Lesvos. 

On hearing her story, I cried with her and we embraced for what seemed eternity, she said it was the first time she felt compassion since she arrived and it gave her hope. 

We continued to monitor and support her and her remaining family until they were relocated to their new country. 

Her daughter still has Mr Happy, which my daughter donated :) 



New beginnings

We rescued this 3 week old baby girl from a boat in February, she is lactose intolerant and we support financially for the provision of lactose free baby milk.

We have watched her grow into a beautiful 10 month old girl and hope she will find her new country soon, whilst she waits still in a camp.


A happy ending

We met this couple in March traveling with 9 other members of their family, including a 6 month old baby. She was 4 months pregnant. 

The family had very complex health needs and no money, we helped provide them with temporary accommodation, clothing and money.

Sadly their onward journey would see them arrive in one of the worst camps in Greece as the borders closed.  

As the food and the conditions deteriorated in the camps, the pregnant lady was suffering illness through lack of nutrition and consistent food poisoning from the food in the camp. Sadly, the baby was 5 weeks behind foetal development and both mother and baby needed urgent medical attention in a specialist hospital a 4 hour drive away in Athens.  We were able to reach out and get them to Athens through our networks and provide accommodation near the hospital and funds to support them in the lead up to the birth. It was a tense time, but 3 months on, she gave birth to a small but healthy baby girl. We continue to provide accommodation and assistance for this family of 3. 


A survivor

This little girl was badly burnt in a fire in her tent. With little medical help and equipment available sepsis soon took over her tiny body and she was becoming gravely ill. Another organisation raised the alarm for funds urgently required for her operations and skin grafts. A consortium of grassroots charities and foundations including ours contributed towards her medical bills, 

This little fighter made it and today she is out of hospital and doing really well, a happy little girl again.

We still continue to fund other medical treatments of those in need.




We saved lives 

We have been raising money to buy genuine life vests after seeing so many Men, Women and Children arriving in fake ones, purchased from stall holders in Turkey. 

CK Team Refugees started the initiative to flood genuine life vests in turkey in February 2016, we supported their campaign raising £6000 in donations to enable CK Team Refugees to source, purchase and supply the vests to stall holders in Turkey.

The photo taken was sent to us in March. Those pictured were survivors of a boat which sank, it was the first time a boat had sunk in the sea and all the passengers survived because they wore the genuine life life vests our fundraisers had enabled us to buy.